New Data Aware Components

Navis’s core database functionality is accomplished by a group of components, namely data-aware components.

The amount of power Navis gives to a developer is amazing. Do you need to build a database application?
No problem, just choose from the data access options Navis provides and pick your database (Paradox, Access,  SQL Server, MySql etc).

The strength of Navis lies in its Data Aware Component, a set of powerful graphic controls components. Each control is built to provide some special functionality in an application.
It is very common to drop a Data Aware Component on a form and operate with its properties and events.

It is simple and easy but Navis offers more than that. In the Navis environment, one can also design and implement Database relationship and Query Templates even in visual enviroment.
It is a very effective way to test and reuse Database functionality implementations without writing code.